Tree Trimming

When your tree needs a little bit of trimming, 1Tree Expert is here to help you restore it to the highest quality possible. However, trimming and pruning a tree is not as simple as it may seem. Each tree requires different techniques, and being able to distinguish between these techniques is crucial in order to maintain the health of your tree.Whether your tree needs either a little bit or a lot of trimming, the team at 1 Tree Expert is here to help you restore it to the highest quality possible. However, trimming and pruning a tree is not as simple as it may seem. Each tree requires different techniques, and being able to distinguish between these techniques is crucial in order to maintain the health of your tree. This is especially important in Florida’s unpredictable climate; sometimes, a regular thunderstorm can severely damage a tree if it is not maintained properly. Here is a guide to the basics of tree trimming and how the titular experts here at 1 Tree Expert can help you get your trees back in the best shape possible.

The Importance of Tree Trimming

Although the overgrown vines and tree branches may look appealing, it is important to trim and prune your trees. This is because this overgrowing can lead to damage to both the tree and its surroundings. An overgrown tree can imbalance and lead to the tree becoming unstable, causing it to break or fall. However, a properly trimmed tree will guarantee this from preventing.

It is crucial to know when to trim a tree, as well. You do not want to trim a tree that is already healthy, nor do you want to wait until the last minute to trim your tree. This can cause some significant damage on its own, as trees can be quite temperamental when they are not maintained properly. It is recommended that tree trimming occurs during dormant seasons, such as fall or winter. This is because the excessive heat and unpredictable weather of the spring and summer, especially here in Florida, can aggravate the tree in the trimming process. 

Finally, it is important to know how much you need to trim off. You should aim to trim the least amount of tree as possible, as there is a chance that you could cut off important energy absorbers if you cut too much. 

Tree Trimming

Types of Trees We Operate On

Here in Florida, we have a lot of different types of trees. Some are native, while others have been brought in from other parts of the country to be planted. Nevertheless, you can go and see all of the different types of trees that Brevard County has to offer just by going through one of our many “Old Florida” housing developments. Here are just some of the trees you can find here on the Space Coast, and how 1 Tree Expert is here to make sure these trees are kept in the best shape possible.

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Pepper 

Oak Tree Trimming

Our highly trained and skilled team at 1 Tree Expert has been helping to trim your oak trees for over twenty-five years in the Brevard County area. In order to continue serving our customers with the best possible service on the Space Coast, we go through a strategic and careful trimming process. We follow some important rules in order to continue this service.

The first thing we do is that we wait until the perfect time of year to trim the tree. As previously stated, it is important to wait until the fall or winter in order to trim trees. However, waiting until the winter is especially important for oak trees. This is because improper trimming can result in a particularly nasty disease called “oak wilt” that blocks water and nutrients from entering the tree. 

Planning which branches to trim is also crucial in order to maintain the health of the tree. If the wrong branch is trimmed or if the right branch is trimmed too much, there could be some significant damage sustained. Oaktree trimming depends on the age of the tree. If the tree is not any older than three years old, only trim branches that are dead or broken. However, if the tree is older than three years old, branches that are overgrowing or rubbing against each other should be trimmed.

Maple Tree Trimming

Although maple trees are slightly less common in Florida than oak trees, the red or Florida maple trees still thrive in the state. This means that they need the proper trimming and pruning techniques in order to continue this growth. 

Unlike oak trees, trimming maple trees in the summer will not negatively affect its growth, especially if the tree is younger. This is because the sap stored in the tree will not be under pressure like it is in the later months. 

Trimming to maintain shape is particularly important for maple trees. You need to be extra careful with trimming maple trees because even the smallest miscalculation can create structural issues that can result in damage to both the tree and even its surroundings. It is also important to remove dead branches, as these branches can attract fungi that can spread to healthy branches.

Pepper Tree Trimming

Pepper Trees are infamous to Floridians. Pepper trees thrive in the hot and humid climate of Florida, making this type of tree particularly prominent throughout our community. However, this tree is particularly easy to manage due to the fact that it requires very similar techniques seen in maintaining oak trees. These shared techniques include cutting away dead or diseased branches and waiting until the winter months in order to treat. If you don’t know how to trim a pepper tree properly, it will just come right back. We are experts and will make sure that the job is done right.

The Expert Difference

Although it may be tempting to just go at your branches and tree with gardening shears, it is crucial to hire a company of experts for these tedious jobs. This is because you are guaranteed the highest quality of service by trained professionals. Not only that but sometimes the step-by-step trimming guides you find on the Internet are not applicable to your tree or sometimes are flat-out lies. It is important to hire a professional team of tree care specialists and arborists in order to get the job done. However, with all of the tree trimming companies in existence, it can be difficult to decide which one to hire. You need a company with years of experience and a local reputation for being the best on the market. You need a company that is able to do any project, big or small, in order to make sure you and your household are comfortable and safe. You need 1 Tree Expert. 

Here at 1 Tree Expert, our fully insured employees go through rigorous training in order to provide the best quality possible. During each project, we have a certified arborist on hand that is considered a top expert in the tree removal and trimming field. These arborists make sure your trees are trimmed and pruned to the highest degree while maintaining the health and natural beauty of your oak, maple, or pepper tree. Most companies only have one arborist on duty, if they have one at all. However, 1 Tree Expert has two fully licensed and trained arborists on staff to make sure that every consultation and appointment goes as smoothly as possible. 

1 Tree Expert does a variety of different services to help you maintain the health and beauty of your tree. If you want more information regarding any of our services, visit our website today for a free quote or call 321-499-7608. Welcome to the family!