Tree Root Removal

After a tree has been cut down there is an important decision that needs to be made shortly after. What are you going to do with the stump? You can always choose to remove the stump, but there are going to be a handful of challenges that are presented by that option.

When removing a stump there is more to it than just digging the stump out of the ground and calling it a day. There are roots all around the stump and, depending on the original size of the tree, those roots can stretch to a reasonable distance.

If you choose to just remove the stump from the ground then that will mean digging up the roots as well, and this can leave a large hole in the ground that will need to be filled in. If it is not done right, it can also tear up the surrounding landscape.

Tree Root Removal

You can also choose to merely grind the stump down, but this will still leave those pesky roots behind, and if you’re looking to replace the tree or do more with the surrounding area then those roots are going to get in the way. There are cases where the roots will eventually decompose, but if the roots are able to produce sprouts then they can actually re-grow and cause further problems.

There will be time where you need to remove roots. Whether you are removing a stump in whole or grinding it down those roots are going to still be there. Whether they keep growing back or you just cannot wait for them to decompose, you need a reliable service to remove those roots.

This is where 1 Tree Expert can help you. Our tree root removal service can remove those pesky roots for you and let you move on to whatever project they are getting in the way of. Our team of experts will not only be able to remove your root problem but do so in a way that leaves your property clean and as if we were never there in the first place.

Do I Really Need to Remove These Roots?

Technically no. If the roots are unable to spawn new sprouts and can’t grow new trees then they should eventually decompose. As long as they’re not above ground and getting in the way, you can safely ignore them.

However, if any of the roots are above ground, spawning new sprouts, or you are looking to do future work with that landscaping such as planting new trees, then tree root removal may be necessary. Roots can take four to five years to decay and not everyone has the time to wait that long.

If you fit into any of these situations then tree root removal may be a great option for you. If you’re not sure then give us at 1 Tree Expert a call. We can send out one of our expert team members to get a gauge on your situation and tell you what your next steps should be. If it does come to tree root removal then we can help you with that.

We Know It Better Than Anyone

Our goal is to remove the root as efficiently and cleanly as possible. There is no benefit to doing this if in the process of removing the roots all the landscaping is completely destroyed in the process. Removing tree roots is a process that experts like us understand better than anyone.

Many people attempt to remove the roots themselves and are overwhelmed at where to even begin and if they are doing it properly. Roots can vary in size and in some cases need machinery such as a reciprocating saw just to cut through the root. The worst part is that attempting to remove it yourself could damage the property. Then that small project turns into a much larger, more overwhelming, and more expensive one.

1 Tree Expert has been in operation for 25 years safely removing trees in a clean and efficient manner. Nobody understands this better than us and you can trust us to perform up to the heavy standards we set for ourselves.

Options Beyond Tree Root Removal

If you’re worried about the process of removing all of your roots then there are other methods to root maintenance that don’t require something quite so intense. Tree and root pruning is another service we offer. This is more for maintenance however and can be used to stop the spread of infectious disease.

If you think that root pruning is the best option available to you then give us a call at 1 Tree Expert. We can take a look at your situation and figure out if it’s better to cut down your tree and remove the roots, grind the stump down and keep the roots, or to prune everything. No situation is exactly the same, but we’re experts that can help you decide which decision to make.

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1 Tree Expert is a top tree removal service with a team of experts that understand trees better than anyone. We are there for you whether you are looking for a tree root removal service, tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, or some other kind of tree maintenance. We have been at this for a long time and we’ve seen just about every tree you can think of.

If you have roots that are above ground, causing you problems in your landscape, or you just need help deciding what to do with them then give us a call. We would love to help you solve your root problems while giving you the best service possible.

With 1 Tree Expert, you can expect a job that is efficient, performed well, and leaves your property just as clean if not cleaner than when we came in. We do not just come in and tear up your land then call it a day. We make sure that when we leave you’re pleased with the work we’ve accomplished.

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