Tree Removal Services

Do you have an old tree in your front yard that has seen better days? Are you afraid that the backyard tree might come apart during hurricane season? The team at 1 Tree Expert is available for all of your tree removal needs with certified arborists and professional tree experts on call. We specialize in advanced and complete Tree Care from the shoots to the roots. Whatever you and your trees need, 1 Tree Expert is here to make it happen.

Tree Cut Down Services

Sometimes, a tree needs to be removed for a variety of reasons. Whether the tree is overgrown or is blocking some pipes needed to get through to your house, the team of arborists at 1 Tree Expert can help cut down your tree as needed. Each tree is different, so we will first connect you through an inspection to see what steps need to be taken in order to cut down your tree. Here are some common reasons you might need to remove  tree:

  • Storm damage: if a tree has been damaged in a storm, it may be time to have it removed to prevent further damage.
  • Tree decay: a dead tree is also a threat, and should also be removed to prevent damage.
  • Unsightly: some trees are just ugly, and can bring the overall beauty of a yard down.
  • Bad location: in some instances, a tree may begin to grow in a direction it shouldn’t. This may include encroaching on power lines, over roofs, and into fences.
  • Invasive species of tree: some species of trees that are not native to an area, called invasive exotics, may grow out of control or may not be suitable to an area. Some examples of these are australian pines, brazilian peppers, and melaleuca trees.

Trees come in all shapes and sizes, but big trees, in particular, pose a major risk in storms and hurricanes. If you want to get your biggest tree removed before disaster strikes, give 1 Tree Expert’s team of arborists a call to get started on removing a potential safety hazard.

Storm and Emergency Tree Removal

Living in Florida, it seems we are always in the path of a hurricane or tropical storm. Sometimes, even a run of the mill thunderstorm can cause major tree damage. If you require tree removal service due to storms and emergencies, we are here to help. We respond quickly to emergency tree removal needs. Safety is our top priority! If you are in the Brevard area and have downed trees due to storms, hurricanes, or other emergencies, give us a call! We provide everything needed to get the job done. We will have your property clean and safe in no time. 

When Do You Need a Tree Removed From Your Property?

If you think a tree is dying or decaying, it is always best to call a professional arborist. However, there are signs you can identify on your own to help diagnose a dying tree. First, scratch a small piece of bark in several different spots on the tree’s branches. Examine the layer underneath the bark. If it looks unhealthy, dry, and brown, the tree could be in a state of decay. In this case, you should contact experts to determine whether or you need tree removal service. In addition, if you notice any of these symptoms, it may mean your tree is in in need of our tree doctor services or removal:

  • Mushrooms or fungi growing on or around the tree. Fungi compromise the tree’s structure by making it sick. When the tree is sick, it is unable to properly absorb the necessary nutrients to survive.
  • Bark that is peeling or cracks in the tree trunk. Peeling or cracking on the tree’s surface means that the tree is getting old and is not getting the proper nutrients. Unfortunately, depending on the age and size of the tree, it is usually best to cut it down rather than to try and repair it.
  • Major cavities anywhere on the tree, especially in the trunk. This could mean the tree’s structure is compromised due to the fact that a large gap is present, allowing outside forces such as unwanted air and bugs to get inside.
  • Dead branches, especially toward the crown of the tree. If a dead branch is facing the direction of the tree’s crown, it could spread to other parts of the tree.
  • The tree is hollow. If a tree is hollow, it is too late to save it. A hollowed tree could be the result of many factors such as termites, disease, or other invasive plants.
  • The tree is leaning dramatically. If you have a tree that is leaning at an extreme angle, it is crucial that you call a certified arborist as soon as possible to avoid falling tree damage. It will be worth your while to remove the tree in advance rather than having to replace a roof, too!

Other reasons you may need a tree removed have nothing to do with the tree’s overall health. For instance, if a tree is growing too close to power lines or buildings, it might require removal.

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Tree Removal Service?

In order to ensure you are receiving certified and exemplary service, it is important to ask the following questions before you hire an arborist for your tree removal needs:

  • Is the company completely insured and certified?
  • How much experience does the company have in the field?
  • What is the company’s reputation in the community?
  • What kinds of tree removal equipment does the company use?
  • What kind of clean up is included in the price?

We are happy to answer any and all of these questions! As certified arborists, we are proud of our work record and experience!

Our Promise

We have been safely and professionally removing trees for over twenty-five years.

When it comes to safety and professionalism, 1 Tree Expert is second to none.  We have built this company from the ground up and thrive on providing excellent work at an affordable price.  We started this business because we knew that we had the experience and expertise to beat everybody out in this region. Give us a call for all of your tree removal needs. We will assess the situation and provide you with an honest estimate. We promise top quality work and exceptional customer service for tree removal projects big and small.