Tree Fertilization Services

Are you ready to make your backyard the slice of paradise you’ve always dreamed of? You have prepared the perfect patch of nature, have already cleared out the debris, have your new trees and landscaping perfectly pictured and planned out, but you still need that extra push to make sure your trees are as healthy as possible. If you are struggling with bringing your landscape to life, you may be in need of tree fertilization services with 1 Tree Expert. Whether you are just diving in for the first time, or your trees are looking old and weak far before they should be, our team has you covered. 

Imagine the densely wooded area where your trees may naturally grow. Think about the difference between the soil there and the soil in your yard. The soil from a more tree and plant dense area will be constantly nourishing and being renourished with the abundance of plant life and wildlife, making it naturally fertile. With less of Mother Nature’s natural replenishment on your side, your yard and your trees may need a little extra help, that’s where we come in! 

Tree Fertilization Services with 1 Tree Expert   

Our experts know trees. Count on us for professional tree care from your tree’s shoots down to its roots! In this case, the roots are what we’re talking about. If your tree is in need of fertilization, it will need a slow-releasing fertilizer to help stimulate the natural conditions it is meant to thrive in. Well-nourished trees can help a tree grow larger as well as expand its root system. Nourishing your trees can result in improvements to its overall health and longevity. We recommend tree fertilization services for any landscape. Not only will our services help with trees and foliage that are struggling, but it will also:

  • Create stronger, more rooted trees that can stand up better to Florida’s hurricane season
    • Hurricane season is always a stressful time for homeowners, especially when a tree is planted in your home’s yard. Making sure that it is properly nourished and trimmed can help reduce its chances of being damaged during the strong winds and turbulent rain of hurricanes.
  • Create a more vibrant and blooming plant life
    • A healthy tree means a healthy yard! If your tree can produce other products of nature, such as flowers or fruits, making sure that it is properly maintained can ensure that what grows on your tree is healthy as well.
  • Extend the life of your plants and trees
    • Like many things in life, if you do not take care of your trees, they will end up not being as effective or long-lasting as you expected. In order to get the most out of your tree, proper maintenance is key. 

Think of these benefits when you are considering your next landscaping project, having trouble finding that green thumb, or even looking to increase the property value of your home with a more luxurious, visually appealing, and healthy-looking yard! No matter what you need these benefits for, our team here at 1 Tree Expert will make sure your trees are properly fertilized and nourished for years to come. 

How Will I Know if My Trees Need Fertilization?

There are a number of ways your trees could be telling you they are not getting enough nutrients. A malnourished tree may not grow as rapidly as it used to, experience reduced leaf sizes, or even look pale in color. While these signs may seem subtle if you notice any of these warning signs it is important to contact a tree specialist for a second opinion. These signs could mean that your tree is simply not getting the nutrition it requires, but they could also be indicators of a larger problem that may require sooner action. In these situations, you will need to act fast, as these problems could also mean parasites or insects have invaded your tree, or even tree infection. 

Upon inspection, our team will advise you on the best course of action for you and your tree. Rest assured that our staff is composed only of the most highly skilled professionals and that each of our job sites is accompanied by a professional arborist, or “tree doctor”. Having an arborist on site makes sure that your tree is getting the best care possible. No corners are being cut here! Like any doctor, our certified arborist will be able to diagnose the issue your tree, or trees, are having and care for them. Not every soil is right for every tree. Once we have determined what your tree needs, our team can begin to study the delicate PH balance of your soil and provide a solution that will foster growth for your entire yard.

Tree Fertilization

Common Nutrients in Fertilizers

Here at 1 Tree Expert, we only use the highest quality materials to make sure your yard is properly fertilized and thoroughly nourished. That is why we make sure that the fertilizers we use are made of the best ingredients in the industry. In order to understand the importance of tree fertilization and how 1 Tree Expert only uses the best of the best fertilizers, it is important to understand some key nutrients found in our fertilizers that ensure that your tree is getting the best nutrition possible. Here are some of the most common nutrients that you can find in our fertilizers:

  • Nitrogen
    • This nutrient is important in making sure that plants have the best color possible while also increasing its growth rate. It is recommended that three pounds of nitrogen should be applied in fertilization every 1,000 square feet.
  • Phosphorous
    • Most commonly used for citrus trees, most trees will not respond to this nutrient unless the pre-existing soil levels are already low. It is important to measure your soil’s PH levels to make sure it is getting the proper amount of phosphorous, as excess can be picked up by stormwater runoff.
  • Potassium 
    • Like the previously mentioned phosphorous, the proper amount of this nutrient needed in fertilization is determined after a soil test. However, potassium is not normally found in large amounts in soil, and damages such as dead tissue around leaf edges can be a sign of potassium deficiency.

Sometimes, our fertilizers contain ingredients called micronutrients that can add additional boosts of nutrients to your trees. These include zinc and iron.

Our Team’s Promise

We have been safely and professionally caring for trees in the Brevard County area for over twenty-five years. When it comes to safety and professionalism, 1 Tree Expert is second to none.  We have built this company from the ground up and thrive on providing excellent work at an affordable price. We started this business because we knew that we had the experience and expertise to care for the needs of your Brevard County tree, and beat out the competition. 

The Expert Difference

Although it may be tempting to just go at your branches and tree with gardening shears, it is crucial to hire a company of experts for these tedious jobs. This is because you are guaranteed the highest quality of service by trained professionals. Not only that but sometimes the step-by-step trimming guides you find on the Internet are not applicable to your tree or sometimes are flat-out lies.

It is important to hire a professional team of tree care specialists and arborists in order to get the job done. However, with all of the tree trimming companies in existence, it can be difficult to decide which one to hire. You need a company with years of experience and a local reputation for being the best on the market. You’ll need a company that is able to do any project, big or small, in order to make sure you and your household are comfortable and safe. You need 1 Tree Expert. 

Fully Insured Experts

Here at 1 Tree Expert, our fully insured employees go through rigorous training in order to provide the best quality possible. During each project, we have a certified arborist on hand that is considered a top expert in the tree removal and trimming field. These arborists make sure your trees are trimmed and pruned to the highest degree while maintaining the health and natural beauty of your oak, maple, or pepper tree. Most companies only have one arborist on duty, if they have one at all. However, 1 Tree Expert has two fully licensed and trained arborists on staff to make sure that every consultation and appointment go as smoothly as possible. 

Contact Us

Are you ready to give your trees the nourishment and care it deserves? Give us a call at 321-499-7608 for all of your tree fertilization needs. You can also fill out a quote form online that can help us understand what your tree and yard need to thrive in Brevard County. We will assess the situation and provide you with an honest and accurate estimate. We promise top quality work and exceptional customer service for all tree fertilization projects big and small. No matter what project we have, we will make sure that it is of the absolute best quality around.