Stump Grinding Services

Your tree may be gone, but you’ve still got to get rid of that stump. This process can be exhausting, but it is important when it comes to protecting your land. Whether your tree has been professionally removed or you cut it down yourself, having the tree stump ground is crucial in making sure the tree removal process is fully completed. Our team will remove that pesky stump from your yard to make your yard safer and more appealing, no matter how your tree was removed or who removed it.

Stumps are unsightly and can be hazardous in your yard if they are hard to see. The stump left behind may also be carrying an infection that can spread to other plants in your yard. Make sure your yard is safe and healthy; get that stump removed as quickly as possible. Stump removal is a difficult and cumbersome process. Let the professionals at 1 Tree Expert take care of it for you! We make the process as pain-free and easy as possible by taking care of everything ourselves. You won’t need to worry or stress! 

Why Hire A Stump Grinding Service?

Tree stumps are unsightly and in many cases, dangerous. What’s more, many tree removal services do not provide stump grinding services. This leaves you to deal with the aftermath by yourself. Stump grinding is not an easy task and should be performed by professionals. Having your tree removed by a company that does not offer stump grinding services is a huge red flag. Tree stump grinding will completely eliminate your stump by getting down to the roots of the tree. Removing unneeded debris from your yard also eliminates the risk of a trip and fall, making your yard safer for you and your family. Having your old tree stump ground also restores the aesthetic of your yard while also remaining environmentally conscious.  

It is imperative to remove any unneeded stumps from your property quickly using a professional team of arbor experts. This is especially important if your tree was previously dead or suffering from a disease before being removed. If your tree was infected or fell due to the tricky Florida weather, you may think the problem was removed when the tree was removed. The fact is, it may have worsened. Leftover stump remains can still carry disease inoculum even after the tree’s removal. The disease may still spread to the surrounding soil and adjacent plants. For this reason, stump and large root removal is a routine practice in disease control for forest and horticultural areas. Stump removal ensures that you are stopping the spread of harmful diseases. They could be spreading right beneath your feet through root and soil contact.

Why Hire 1 Tree Expert for your Tree Grinding Services?

Many so-called tree care professionals do not offer tree stump grinding services. Have you considered why that is? Unfortunately, the competition believes that the job is done when the tree is removed. That is simply not the case, however. Not only does the team at 1 Tree Expert offer state-of-the-art tree stump grinding services, but we provide you with the best possible tree care in Brevard County. No matter what you and your trees need, 1 Tree Expert will have you taken care of. Whether it is routine tree trimming or preparing your trees for an upcoming hurricane season, we will be there for you for everything your landscape trees require. 

The question that remains now is simple: why shouldn’t you hire 1 Tree Expert for your tree grinding services?

Tree Stump Grinding vs. Tree Stump Removal

You may have considered having the stump fully removed from the ground. Although this sounds logical on paper, it is not as safe or effective as completely grinding the stump. Here are some reasons as to why stump grinding is superior over stump removal:

  • Leftover roots will not resprout into a new tree
    • 1 Tree Expert will make sure to grind up the roots as much as possible. However, there may be bits and pieces of roots that still exist because they are buried so far underground. If this happens, you do not need to worry about a new tree growing any time soon. These roots will eventually deteriorate, being used for nutrients for your yard’s soil.
  • Stump removal can potentially damage your yard
    • In order for a stump to be completely removed, a large amount of space is needed to be cleared. This includes important housing fixtures such as piping and structural beams. Such a large amount of land clearing can cause your yard and potentially even your house to be damaged. 
  • Every tree is different, rendering an all-inclusive process useless
    • Tree roots are very tricky and fickle to deal with. They can reach practically everywhere around your yard. It is hard to predict where exactly tree roots can reach and how your yard will react to them. That is why stump removal is not the be-all-end-all solution it might sound like on paper; one stump’s reaction to removal will not constitute every stump’s reaction to removal.

Our Process

Stump grinding with 1 Tree Expert involves heavy-duty machinery equipped with large serrated blades. These blades are used to grind your stump into the ground. By grinding into the ground as opposed to simply removing it entirely, our stump grinding process protects the careful ecosystem that takes place in your yard. Grinding your stump down ensures that the surrounding soil is undisturbed, and can continue to be nourished.

Each of our work sites is accompanied by a professional arborist or “tree doctor”. It is their job to ensure our process is not harmful to our Brevard County ecosystem, and the mini-ecosystem you hold in your own back or front yard. Our entire team quickly responds to emergency tree removal and stump grinding requests, as safety is our top priority.

Our Promise

We have been safely and professionally removing trees and stumps for over twenty-five years. When it comes to safety and professionalism, 1 Tree Expert is second to none.  We have built this company from the ground up and thrive on providing excellent work at an affordable price.  We started this business because we knew that we had the experience and expertise to beat everybody out in this region. Give us a call for all of your stump grinding, tree removal, and tree root removal needs. We will assess the situation and provide you with an honest estimate, advising you as if it were our own yard. We promise top quality work and exceptional customer service for tree removal projects big and small.

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