Proactive Tree Care

Proper Planning for Peace of Mind

Most Florida residents know that the summer months bring extreme heat, severe downpours of rain, and worse yet—hurricanes. These factors, that make Florida what it is, can negatively impact the health of your trees and the safety and security of homes, businesses, personal property, and family or friends. A poorly maintained, old, or unhealthy tree can pose a significant risk if not properly addressed. 1 Tree Expert is your certified arborist for effective, emergency tree service for removal and trimming. 

Make sure your trees pose little risk to you and your property before it’s too late. Have 1 Tree Expert give you an estimate and provide service before the summer season. Being proactive will ensure your safety and peace of mind as well as the safety of our own crew. 

Why Being Proactive is Important

  • Have your project completed more quickly
  • Remove problem trees before hurricane season
  • Improved flexibility in scheduling
  • More work can be done at one time
  • More safety for our crew 

Beat the Summer Rush

The summer months are our busiest season. Once hurricane season starts on June 1st, people realize their problem trees need to be addressed right away. With all these realizations happening simultaneously, our experienced team gets flooded with orders and requests for tree removal or trimming. While we always strive to offer timely, emergency tree service, booking times for your tree solutions can become tricky if you wait too long into summer.

Additionally, the Florida summers are notorious for their heat and surprise rainstorms. We value safety first and foremost at 1 Tree Expert, for both you and our team. When the heat is too extreme, it becomes more difficult for our crew to operate in the heavy gear and with big tools. This means we need to slow down to ensure everyone is safe and the tree is taken care of properly. We never cut corners, even if it means taking our time on your project! Sudden rainstorms can delay a project by hours or days!

Hurricane Preparedness

Take Down Your Tree Before a Hurricane Does

A Hurricane or even a tropical storm can easily uproot a tree. Even healthy trees have been ripped from the ground by a strong storm, posing a risk to your home, business, property, or your neighbor. If you aren’t sure if your trees are safe, don’t risk it, get a professional evaluation. Our team at 1 Tree Expert can come out and check on the health, age, condition, and position of your tree and let you know if it should be removed or trimmed before hurricane season starts

Avoid stress and start early. The longer you wait to assess your trees, the more stress and risks you will experience. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home or business is safe from falling trees or limbs. You can then put your effort and focus on preparing for everything else. Since hurricanes can come at almost any time from June to November, being proactive means you won’t have to worry when we will be able to get to your other projects.

How we prepare you for hurricane season

  • Reduction

This essentially shortens branches by removing excess or parts that overhang property, powerlines, or dangerous areas. We will try and keep your tree branches uniform in size and remove any extreme protrusions.

  • Tree Removal

Exactly as it sounds, we can remove a problem tree entirely. This is especially helpful for those trees that are old, diseased, or too close to property lines or structures. We are professional, fast, and efficient when it comes to removing trees, so your property will be back to normal in no time.

  • Heading

Dead branches provide a common problem during hurricane season. When these branches don’t fall down on their own, we can remove the unhealthy, old limbs to keep trees fresh and healthy for future storms. 

Emergency Tree Service

Have a Big Project Upcoming? 

Many of our clients who require land clearing to build a home, complex, or business schedule their service during the fall or winter. This is often the best decision. The busy season is finally over and we are able to dedicate more time and resources to your project. We are constantly moving from job to job during the summer. We may not be able to get to your project in time if you wait to get started. Our team is able to offer a more comprehensive service and a timeline that works better for you when you begin land clearing outside of our busy season.

Trust in the Tree Care Experts

Professionalism is right in our name. 1 Tree Expert has been providing the Brevard County area with expert, emergency tree service for over 25 years and we keep growing. We offer professional and experienced service at affordable prices. We are certified arborists, meaning we truly understand your trees and know just how to take care of them. Choose a professional, experienced team to make sure the work is high quality, and the surrounding area is left just as it was found. We will never leave your property looking like a hurricane came through or like an abandoned job site. 

We offer you:

  • Honest and affordable work
  • Certified arborist expertise
  • Fully insured team
  • Ability to tackle big or complex projects
  • Quick project turnaround time
  • A safe team for you and us!

Ready to Remove Your Problem Tree?

Call 321-499-7608 now to schedule your appointment. We’ll make it out to you at a time that is convenient!