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Tree Service – We specialize in advanced and complete Tree Care from the shoots to the roots.  1 Tree Expert has two Certified Arborists on our team that monitors every job while having one on site at all times! We do Tree Fertilization, Tree Pruning, Tree Reduction, Tree Removal and Trimming, and much more.

Tree Removal

A professional arborist team like ours will work with you to safely and professionally remove your tree or care for your trees.

We have been removing trees safely and efficiently for over 25 years. Every tree can either be an asset or a liability. When a real professional tree risk assessment uncovers a potential issue or problem, it’s possible the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair and tree removal and trimming or tree service will be required. A professional arborist team like ours will work with you to safely and professionally remove your tree. Many tree removals are extremely complex, and mistakes are expensive. Make sure the arborist professional you choose is qualified and insured like we are.

Special precautions are taken during tree removal and trimming, especially near your home.

Dangerous limbs and trunks are always roped before cutting. Once the limb has been cut, it is gradually lowered to the ground.

Because of inherent risk, the work should only be done by trained, experienced professionals who are fully insured and licensed.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal and Trimming in Brevard County and the Space Coast Region:

-Tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems

-Tree is blocking sunlight, the other trees cannot grow properly

-Tree is dead, dying, or diseased and poses a threat to your home or property


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Tree Pruning

On many older trees, pruning is mandatory to remove dead and dying branches to preserve tree healthiness and safety.
This pruning type of tree service is referred to as crown cleaning. Research has now recognized that the removal of dead and dying branches to reduce overall concentration significantly reduces wind resistance and subsequent inclement weather damage. This is extremely important when living in a hurricane and storm-ridden state like Florida. Thinning should only be done on trees where the crown of the tree is too dense, which we are the experts at determining. Thinning should be concentrated on the interior crown portion of the canopy, leaving as many branches on the exterior as possible. Sometimes the crown or individual branches necessitate a reduction in length to improve the form and structure of the tree, to eliminate intrusion with objects and structures, and to compensate for structural weaknesses. The branches that are lower on the tree may also require pruning for similar reasons. This process is called raising and it also can be used to increase the amount of sun for turf-grass and ground covers beneath the top of a tree.


You need to understand that your trees are an investment, and that’s why our professional arborists specialize in every aspect of a tree’s heath, targeting specific branches and limbs to increase the long-term and overall health of the tree. Other reasons for tree trimming include:

remove deadwood; damaged, or diseased sections,
increase safety of property and surrounding homes,
clear private utility lines and meet requirements of city codes,
remove obstructive limbs,
comply with common insurance requirements
increase sunlight for turf and improve overall aesthetics of your yard.
Every cut made during tree pruning can change the look and growth patterns of a tree. That’s why it’s important to let a professional arborist survey the tree and select each branch for removal, so that the process is deliberate and made in consideration of the entire structure. When pruning younger trees, it is particularly important to create structurally-sound branch scaffolding that will define the long-term health, visual appeal, and shape of the tree. This type of evaluation requires extensive knowledge and experience, both of which are provided by 1 Tree Experts years of experience.


Effects of Improper Trimming
Improper pruning techniques not only harm a tree’s current structure, but also they can stifle future healthy growth. Mismanaged pruning can result in:

stubbed branches or flush cuts, which causes die-back
stripping of the canopy which reduces the tree’s ability to make food,
increasing the chance of sun scald,
reduced height and width of the tree which can increase decay, disease, and weak branch connections.
More importantly, poor pruning can also lead to increased maintenance costs and a reduction in property value that can take years to undo. We use the most current practices when trimming, which helps your trees and the surrounding environment thrive.

At 1 Tree Expert, we know that tree species are very different and, therefore, need different maintenance. The percentage of canopy that should be removed from your tree depends on the species, health, and age. Removing too much of the tree’s canopy can have very negative consequences, but with 1 Tree Experts pruning techniques you always get maximum growth with each specific tree. When you hire our Tree Surgeons, you will always get the professional opinion of professional Arborists that are committed to the health of your trees.

1 Tree Expert’s Three Stages of Proper Trimming

Stage One:
Crown Cleaning-includes the removal of dead and damaged branches, hazardous branches that rub or are weakly connected, or diseased branches.

Stage Two:
Crown Thinning-removes selected suckers and branches through the interior of the tree. We also remove selected branches in crowded parts of the canopy, creating a lacier effect. This allows for increased air flow and light penetration that benefits the tree by reducing diseases, molds and fungi.

Stage Three:
Crown Raising–This final step removes downward-growing limbs and reduces overall weight on limbs. We never remove major limbs unless previously discussed with the client, allowing us to preserve the overall characteristics of each tree. If we see limbs that are growing into structures or need to be removed for other reasons, we discuss this with the client before removal begins.

 Our Trimming Service:

Limbs up to six inches in diameter or less are included in the general trimming price unless otherwise agreed upon. Once trimming is completed, all reasonable debris will be removed from the property unless otherwise agreed upon.\

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Tree Fertilization

Choosing native trees adapted to grow in your soil region and climatic conditions will considerably decrease the quantity of fertilizer needed by your trees.

By doing some sort of mulching it helps dramatically to reduce the amount of fertilizer needed by adding an organic component to an otherwise infertile soil region.  A great nourishment timetable is one that makes nutrition obtainable to the trees when needed and is tailored to the different seasons. Central Florida has very uncertain wet and dry seasons most years. Additional fertilizer is needed in the dry season and fewer fertilizers are needed in the wetter months. A typical fertilizer program would apply fertilizer approximately three times a year.

Like tree removal and trimming, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for tree and plant fertilization. Our Professional Arborists base fertilizing programs on the type and overall health of plants and trees, the time of year, the existing nutrient ratio, and soil composition that is a perfect fit for Central Florida.

After planting new trees and shrubs, they often need the extra nutrients from lawn fertilization programs, as there are usually not enough nutrients in the soil to produce the growth needed to withstand environmental stresses. This beginning growth phase is critical for tree fertilization as it will give the plant its foundation to grow on.

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Why Tree and Plant Fertilization is Critical
In many ways, performing tree and plant fertilization is similar to people taking vitamins. As a part of our regular Tree Fertilization service, we supplement nutrients that help them breakdown essential elements quicker, and thus heal and grow faster while becoming healthy and vibrant.

In the urban landscape, deciduous shade and ornamental trees gain many benefits from annual fertilization programs. Some of the more valuable benefits of plant and tree fertilization are rapid growth, faster recovery from injury, better foliage, and overall improved health. They are also beneficial for new tree plantings.

Why Fertilize a Tree After Planting?

When is a good time to contact a tree fertilization service?
Visible signs that your trees or plants need fertilization may include small, pale sickly looking leaves or stunted growth. In addition, newly transplanted trees may need supplemental fertilization due to poor soil in many parts of Florida, or to help reduce shock from transplanting. These applications are usually timed for late fall or early spring in Florida.

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