Tree Maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL

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Our team of professionals are your tree doctor and tree maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL experts! At 1Tree Expert, we know how to take care of a tree removal fast and easy, but it doesn’t have to always come to that. There are many steps that we can take to maintain your tree’s health before having to remove it, and that is what our tree maintenance services are all about! We have two certified arborists on staff, meaning that one will be present at your job site at all times ensuring the proper care and pruning of your tree for its overall health.

Why Call a Tree Maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL Professional?

Proper tree maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL is essential if you are looking to maintain the aesthetics of your tree for years to come. A well-maintained tree on your landscape will better maintain its structural integrity and can even last longer. So how often should you have your tree maintained? 

  • Fully mature trees should be trimmed every 3-5 years
  • Younger trees are suggested to be maintained every 2-3 years
  • Fruit trees should be maintained yearly

Of course, all trees grow at different rates, so these numbers should be used only as estimates. Count on our certified arborists to advise you on how often you should have your trees maintained. As soon as you start to notice signs of your tree in poor health, you should also consider tree maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL. After all, a decaying tree does not always mean a dead tree and does not always need to end in tree removal. Your tree may just simply need pruning if:

  • Branches are broken or bowing
  • Your tree is misshapen 
  • Limbs are dying 
  • You notice storm damage 
  • Branches are weak
  • Bark is cracking 

While some of these signs may seem alarming, they are not always signs of a dead tree, just a tree in need of some help! It is important to act fast, just because a tree isn’t dead doesn’t mean it won’t be. Dead trees are unsightly and can even cause serious property damage if left unchecked for too long. 

Professional Pruning Services

Pruning is the most common procedure when it comes to tree maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL services. Otherwise just simply known as trimming, pruning involves the removal of dead or dying branches, thinning out limbs and foliage, or simply altering the shape of your tree. Not only does pruning clean up the aesthetic of your tree for landscaping purposes, but it also improves its overall health. A proper pruning job can improve their form, increase light and air penetration to the tree’s crown, remove weight and stop the spread of disease. 

Like all living things, trees are able to naturally maintain and care for themselves. To some extent, trees have their own pruning process and can be left to it without much human intervention. When it is necessary, it is important to leave it to a professional with a background in tree biology. A poor pruning job can damage a tree further and even shorten its life.

Tree Doctoring Services

Our team is trained in the art of trees! We are experts in planting, caring for, and maintaining the life of your yard. Give us a call for all of your tree care, tree maintenance in Cape Canaveral FL, or tree removal needs. We will assess the situation and provide you with an honest estimate. We promise top quality work and exceptional customer service for all of your projects, big and small.