Hurricane Preparedness

Our team here at 1 Tree Expert has been servicing the Brevard County area for over 25 years. We are no strangers to hurricane preparedness, Florida’s harsh hurricane seasons, and the damage they can cause. Even a standard thunderstorm can lead to loads of debris being scattered across your lawn. If you are not careful, even a mild hurricane can lead to serious property damage affecting your trees, lawn, and even your home.

Pruning trees can be a dangerous job. Thankfully, you do not have to go through this difficult process alone. Our team of professionals at 1 Tree Expert will make sure that your home and lawn have been through hurricane preparedness to minimize damage come storm season.

Of course, there is no surefire way to make sure your property is fully hurricane proof. Life is unpredictable, and hurricane season is no exception. Hurricanes cause high winds, falling trees, and landscape debris that, if not secured, could go flying. Our team will help minimize these risks to your home before and after the storm. Prior to hurricane season, we recommend you look out for any trees that have dense foliage and large branches that may be prone to snapping when faced with high winds and heavy rainfall. If these are not identified and dealt with, they can cause severe damage to your home.

Take note of trees that appear frailer, or less wind resistant than others. These may be trees that are dead or dying or newer trees that are not fully fortified. Like the dense foliage and large branches, these can cause severe damage if not properly maintained before a hurricane hits. Keep an eye out for these trees or trees that are codominant with two branches stemming out in a “Y” shape. 

It is hard to prepare for every potential danger that hurricanes pose. However, we can help you prepare for the most devastating damages.  With our hurricane preparedness services, our team will fully assess any and all potential hazards that may be lurking in your yard and address them quickly and efficiently.

What Can We Do?

tree trimming hurricane season

It is important that your trees are assessed and prepared for hurricanes by a professional arborist. Arborists are trained and certified to examine your trees with care, quality, and reliability. Rest assured that each of our work sites is accompanied by a highly skilled and articulately trained arborist at all times. Arborists can be thought of as “tree doctors” who are able to assess the needs and overall health of the trees in your yard. 

After our arborist examines your tree, it is time for the pruning process to begin. It is important that this is done by a professional. Otherwise, you may damage the tree more, and put yourself at further risk of hurricane damage. Tree pruning is the process of selectively removing unneeded parts of a tree, such as excess branches, buds, or roots. It is especially important that this process is done prior to the storm hitting. A tree that is too dense with limbs and branches that are dead or dying puts you more at risk for excess debris after the storm or into your home!  There are three different cuts that the arborist here at 1 Tree Expert utilizes depending on the state of your tree:

  • Reduction
    • This cut shortens a branch by removing the terminal portion of the branch back to another branch of a similar diameter.
  • Removal
    • This cut essentially follows through with its name, with a branch being eliminated back to its primary stem.
  • Heading
    • This cut severs unhealthy or dead branches from current, healthy growth.

The Advantage of Expert Care

While pruning, we ensure that weak or dead branches are removed. We will also remove unneeded interior branches to thin out your tree’s canopy. This will allow high winds to pass through more easily and lower the risk of your tree giving out.

Next, we ensure that all excess branches and tree cuttings are properly removed and disposed of sustainably. This is especially important due to the dangers that excess branches can easily break off during strong winds, posing a danger to your house and others. We at 1 Tree Expert will take care of the excess tree waste as efficiently as possible. 

After The Storm Has Passed

So, you and your house have survived yet another hurricane season. Hooray! However, it is important to know that hurricane preparedness does not stop when the storm does. In fact, it is only just beginning. Even with healthy trees, you are likely looking at quite the cleanup job after a storm has passed. That is why 1 Tree Expert is here to help you clean up.

We carefully assess the damage to your trees and your home. Make sure you consult a professional arborist from 1 Tree Expert for any major tree removal after the hurricane has passed. Remember this: safety should be your top priority. Reach out if you notice damaged, downed power lines or branches that require more than a standard saw. You can contact FPL to notify them of these dangers.

Unfortunately, frequent storms and even hurricanes are common in Florida, and can cause significant damage to trees, particularly along the beaches, but also in northern regions here in Brevard County. Hurricane damage to trees on your land is both an unflattering indicator of the storm in the wake of a disaster or tropical storm and can also pose a danger to the houses of your or your neighbors, as well as your business place or customers. To stop any more harm or injuries, trees weakened by a storm should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Can Your Trees Be Saved?

Although many trees are vulnerable during the hurricane season, a lot of trees are able to withstand minimal damage. If you feel like a tree can be saved, there is a good chance you’re right! Our team will determine whether or not saving any damaged trees is possible, or if tree removal services are the best option for you. 

Your trees and your lawn will have a much better chance at surviving Florida’s hurricanes with proper maintenance and regular tree pruning from the professionals at 1 Tree Expert. Trees that are maintained and pruned even outside of hurricane season tend to be much healthier and much more adaptable when faced with natural disasters. Trust our team at 1 Tree Expert to help prepare for hurricane season, and keep you prepared all year round. 

Our Service To You

We have been safely and professionally pruning and caring for trees in Brevard County for over twenty-five years. We’ve seen hurricane season after hurricane season. When it comes to hurricane preparedness, 1 Tree Expert is second to none. Our team thrives on providing excellent work at an affordable price. We began this business because we knew that we had the experience and expertise to beat everybody out in this region. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to keep your family and your home safe when harsh weather rears its head. 

Give us a call at 321-499-7608 for all of your tree pruning, tree removal, and hurricane preparedness needs. You can also send us an email at We will assess your outdoor space and provide you with an honest estimate, advising you as if it were our own yard. We promise top quality work and exceptional customer service for all of your projects big and small.