Expert Tree Rigging

If you ask any certified arborist, they will tell you tree rigging is a specialty of its own. Proper rigging is essential in safely removing a tree. It requires knowledge, experience, and a deep understanding of tree anatomy. This process requires a team of at least two people and the proper equipment.

Choosing A Removal Method

There are certain cases where it is simply not possible to cut a tree down from its base. This could be in highly populated areas, if the tree is especially large, or if the tree is in close proximity to your home or business. Our first priority is safety. We want to remove the tree in a way that minimizes risk as much as possible. If we determine that the tree is unsafe to fell, we will have to dismantle it. This is where expert tree rigging comes into play. 

Assessing The Situation

Once the decision has been made, we go to work, planning our actions. As certified arborists, we are able to examine the tree. We determine the health of the tree and identify any limitations that may prevent us from removing it safely. By doing this, we are able to remove the tree in the safest way possible and minimize any waste or risk to nearby areas. At this time we also make sure we have all the equipment needed to execute the removal safely and effectively.

The Weather Must Be Right For Tree Rigging

In order to perform expert tree rigging and removal, the weather conditions have to be ideal. High winds or rain not only make it more difficult to remove the tree, but it also makes it far more dangerous. We may be courageous, be we aren’t stupid. We take care to time the tree removal with the weather. This not only ensures our safety but the safety of you and your property.

The Removal Process

Other reasons you may need a tree removed have nothing to do with the tree’s overall health. For instance, if a tree is growing too close to power lines or buildings, it might require removal.

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring a Tree Removal Service?

The basic process involves accessing the top of the tree, securing a rope and throw line, and climbing the tree. This may sound simple enough, but when you’re working with a living thing there are a host of complications and considerations that must be accounted for.

A crotch is an area where the limbs meet the trunk of the tree. This is usually the ideal place to perform expert tree rigging. Many trees will have natural crotches that make them convenient for rigging and removal, but this is not always the case. In the event that a tree doesn’t naturally lend itself for easy rigging and removal, the use of a false crotch may be necessary. This allows the arborist to access whatever area of the tree they may need to reach.

Once the proper crotch systems are in place, the arborist is able to set up the block rigging system. The person on the ground will set up their system for pulling and guiding ropes. They also prepare the chainsaw for use. The climber cuts the branches from the base to the top. Once this is finished they can begin cutting the trunk into pieces, safely lowering them to the ground. This is a delicate, dangerous process which is why it is always best to use a certified arborist, experienced in expert tree rigging.

1 Tree Expert Tree Rigging and Removal

Tree removal can only be performed with superior safety and efficiency if it’s done by a well-equipped, professional tree service provider. 1 Tree Expert Tree Removal is a team of tree care specialists. Our company has made a name for itself by consistently providing cost-effective and professional services. We service Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Titusville, Viera, and many more space coast cities. We can even travel to Orlando!