Trees overall are generally a good thing to have because of the many ways they can benefit and environment. Aside from the environmental value them they also can increase your home value. Even given this there are a few species of trees that aren’t a good idea to have in your yard. Here are the 5 worst trees to plant in Florida.Chinese Tallow

The Chinese Tallow

trees were once very popular all throughout Florida. these trees are also nicknamed “popcorn trees” due to the clusters of round popcorn-shaped fruits. These trees are extremely fast-growing and are considered an invasive species by the Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council and also have a tendency to fall under high winds.

Queen Palm

Not a lot of things bring in the tropical feel quite as palm trees do. A lot of the time if you are looking at a queen palm you don’t notice anything remotely wrong with them and might even consider getting them for your own place but looks can be deceiving. They are extremely messy and require a ton of maintenance to keep them looking their best. There is a wide range of reasons these trees are a horrible addition to homes. They are prone to diseases, drop fruits that smell horrible as they ferment on the ground, and don’t stand up well in high winds (The University of Florida rates them with having the lowest tier of wind resistance).

Weeping Willow

In the right environment, weeping willows can be very beautiful as well as add a perfect sense of elegance. They have very graceful branches that arch downwards and flow in the breeze. They have a very intricate and large root system that makes them horrible neighbors. Their root system is known for breaking sidewalks and can make mowing very difficult. They can also damage sewer lines and septic tanks as they search for moisture.

Weeping Fig

When it comes to the worst trees to plant the weeping fig tree is among that list. The main reason for this is because they can reach up to 60 feet tall and wide which can be extremely overbearing for the typical yard. They also have a very low tolerance to wind and also just like the normal weeping tree has an intricate and massive rooting system that can cause a lot of damage.

Mexican Fan Palm

Mexican Fan Palms are some of the more popular palm trees that are planted in a commercial setting. But don’t let that deceive you they still are some of the worst trees to plant in your yard. The ultimate height of the Mexican Fan Palm is up to 100 feet tall. That is way too big for the typical home yard. There also are a lot of different variations that can withstand high winds and hurricanes but Mexican Fan Palms are not one of them.

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