We all love trees. For some, we can’t get enough of them. But did you know that they can offer a lot more than just their beauty to your landscaping? Planting trees can bring natural beauty to your home while also offering a plethora of aesthetic and even health benefits. Trees are a vital part of our world and are necessary for our survival. They provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe, shelter for wildlife, and food to eat. But there’s so much more to them than meets the eye.

Reasons To Fill Your Yard With Trees

Nowadays, we all know that we need more trees. They help combat pollution, beautify our homes, and so much more. However, if that isn’t reason enough, here are seven reasons you should plant and maintain trees in your yard:

  1. Privacy: Trees are a well-known and loved way to make your yard more private. Bushy varieties or even thick groves can give you the peace you crave for your yard. Spend time outdoors without feeling like someone is watching you.
  2. Air Quality: Trees can improve the quality of the air around your home, as well. According to Precision Tree, “a tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old. Trees also absorb odors and pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone, and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark.” This can be excellent for your long-term health!
  3. Shade & Cool Environment: Having trees in your yard can help keep summer temperatures cool with their shade. You can also enjoy your trees’ shade as you want your yard, meaning increased usage of your outdoor space. Trees can even cool a whole city by 10°F with their shade alone.
  4. Beauty: Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning trees’ beauty. Trees can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so depending on how you want your yard to look, you can pick your trees. Tall, majestic pines can lend a rustic feel to your home, while dogwood can add whimsy when it turns pink in the spring. 
  5. Increase Property Value: Believe it or not, trees are expensive. Adding trees to your lot can increase your property value. According to the Buildium, “A mature tree can often have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000,” depending on the type of tree.  
  6. Slow Water Runoff: Unfortunately, water runoff is a significant source of pollution to waterways. Luckily, trees can help with that too. Tree trunks and roots grow far and wide and can help filter the water runoff from your home and yard, benefiting the environment and your home’s foundation.
  7. Save Money On Energy: Planting trees near your home will produce shade, which can significantly reduce your energy bill by cooling your home naturally. Who doesn’t love to save money?

Caring For Trees

Most Florida residents know that the summer months bring extreme heat, severe downpours of rain, and worse yet—hurricanes. These factors can negatively impact your trees’ health and the safety and security of homes, businesses, personal property, and family or friends. A poorly maintained, old, or unhealthy tree can pose a significant risk if not adequately addressed. You cannot wait until there is something wrong with your tree to work on it. You must maintain it regularly and keep it healthy. Maintaining your trees should following these guidelines:

  • Fully mature trees should be trimmed every 3-5 years
  • Younger trees are suggested to be maintained every 2-3 years
  • Fruit trees should be maintained yearly

Proactive Tree Maintenance

Being proactive with your tree maintenance can save you a lot of stress in the long run. By pruning trees, removing dead branches, and preparing them in case of weather, you can prolong their lifespans and keep them healthy. Some of the benefits of tree maintenance include:

  • Having your project completed more quickly
  • Removing problem trees before hurricane season
  • Improved flexibility in scheduling
  • More work can be done at one time
  • More safety for our crew

Tree Care By Professionals

When it comes to safety and professionalism, 1 Tree Expert is second to none. We have grown our company from the ground up and thrive on providing excellent work at an affordable price.  We started this business because we knew that we had the experience and expertise to beat everybody out in this region. Come and see what the buzz is about: give us a call at (321) 209-9006 or send us an email at 1treeexpert@gmail.com. We look forward to getting in touch!