Tree Diseases in Florida

Like all living things, trees can unfortunately get diseases. Often caused by fungal infections, these diseases can infect even large, strong trees. Tree diseases can cause problems from deformation to outright death. You need an expert to diagnose your tree to catch the problem before it’s too late. Not only is it sad for your trees to die, but they can also fall apart and cause massive damage to your home or property. 1 Tree Expert can send out a certified arborist to check out your trees and make sure they are growing and healthy. If your tree is sick, we will do our best to save it!

These are some of the most common tree diseases in Florida:

  1. Fusiform Rust – This is a very damaging disease that affects pine trees in Florida. Cronartium quercuum causes this disease. The fungus spreads through the tree causing galls and cankers. If this fungus infects the tree before the age of five, it can likely kill the tree. Fortunately, seedlings have been developed that have resistance to this disease.
  2. Oak Wilt – As the name suggests, Oak Wilt affects oak trees in Florida causing them to wilt and even die. The fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum is the cause of the disease. The spores that form give off an odor that attracts Nitidulid Beetles which tunnel through the tree and cause even more damage. If the infection grows, the tree may have to be removed by an expert to prevent the spread of the infection to nearby trees.
  3. Annosus Root Disease – This disease also affects pine trees. Heterobasidion annosum is the fungus responsible for this tree disease. It will typically enter through a wound on the tree and spreads which can slow the growth of the tree or even kill it. This can be especially dangerous because it causes the tree to lose its strength making it prone to breaking or falling due to high wind.
  4. Brown Spot Needle Blight – This disease affects the longleaf pine and results in brown spots on the needles of the pine tree. Mycosphaerella dearnessii is the fungus that causes this disease. It spreads fastest during warm, wet weather. This is because the needles need to be wet in order to be infected. This disease slows tree growth and can even kill young trees.

Don’t let these tree diseases infect your property! Call 1 Tree Expert to have a certified arborist come to your property to make sure your trees are living healthy and strong.